I hate news

One day there happened a mischief, some person of the paper 1 did some thing wrong.
Immediately paper 1's missionary went to the spot and rescued the people over there.
So paper 1 highlighted mostly on the missionary activity(in-order to hide the crime).

Now paper 2 who is already in peak animosity with paper 1 started investigation, the reason behind animosity is decreasing it's circulation(of course even now paper 2 is in leading circulation), started investigation and found out that the mischief is by a person of the paper 1, and wrote a big article.

Now seen reversed.

A person of Paper 2 did a scam. so paper 2 left no place in it's pages by filling the information important to public and wrote a small column about this scam but mentioning some person x. Now it's dog turn of paper 1 and started barking at paper 2 and barking continued many day's wasting lots of paper, chopping trees.

In both the cases the sufferers are we. Because I don't know how to prove some on made mistake, you because you are also like me, and people who will just see paper and make it as tissue paper next day. Never law wins because no one is there to file a case against both the papers.

Some case may be filed against me because I wrote the truth. But don't worry because I don't worry.