I always wanted to change

I am the most lazy man you must have ever seen. I always create things in my mind not on paper or not on my blog, even I have them in my blog I don't make them in reality!!

Some times I feel like changing the support for IndLinux. By so many ways. Like increasing support. Establishing a server to maintain the faster availability, support for issue's etc.

Next some times I would like to use re usable resources like solar panels. But I never know where they are available, so I also plans of maintaining the solar panel's, or the providers list.

some times feels like buying land to plant and grow trees.

I always plan to change my world
stopping people to cut trees to build buildings
stopping people filling lakes to build buildings
decreasing forest area
Making India to win more medals in Olympics
Making America off from sudo Authority.

I always wanted people to understand law of nature, Time changes things, and stop using the artificial implants/facials etc to make them self look younger than their age. Why because to beautify them self they are making world dirty, by converting useful product into not disposable plastic or fiber or chemical wastes.