The Nuber of lies by railway ministers

Eenadu - The Heart And Soul Of AndhraPradesh

Q1. No Sanction to Andhra
Ans: State Govt is not supporting us
Truth: Trains to other state are possible only via Andhra so they don't provide more trains with in Andhra
Q2: SCR earns more but sanctions are less
Ans: No Trains to other states passed via Andhra so you see more income
Truth: So many trains are extended just because to earn more money. If we take Bhubaneswar YSP the train will be almost empty from BBS to VSKP, since they cannot provide trains from BBS to VSKP they extended the train. Till VSKP the train will be general compartment. Even the same to Prashanthi Exp. So where the hell truth is there in his words
Q3:Why more sanction to places where rate of return is less?
Ans: For less developed or unprivileged states we don't take care of rate of return
Truth: Since Railway minister is from that state it's obvious.
Q4:Why Wagon factory is Khajipeta is delaying
Ans: Since more land is in temple trust we are not able to proceed
Truth: Temples Land only we can get it at cheaper price compared to other land(even it is in desert). So we are trying to take the temple land. but God will always be there and he is preventing us from more scams.