I have lots of ...........

Hi friends I have lots of ideas which I want to solve
like my mobile has very dirty features which I get messed up so I feel like changing the feature like on the title bar I get a analog clock its such a small that I cannot get the time until I go to main screen. its very disgusting.
Next is traffic problem at newly building metro railway station in old madras road so I feel like constructing a under pass from metro to 80feet road signal and in the mean time divert traffic to ring road

My dear friends why don't you follow traffic rules?
Please follow yesterday when I am returning some bike riders and auto rickshaws started coming from other side of divider which made traffic congestion please follow traffic rules and you will definitely reach at earliest

one more question why don't be any rule saying after joining job you should be fit like before you join a job?

Why Police will be fat than being fit?
because there is no rule saying you should be fit after you join the job