Never ever back stab

There are many good reasons why we should never back stab. First of all, it sounds terrible and makes us look really bad. When I hear someone slamming someone behind his back, it says nothing about the person they are referring to, but it does say a great deal about the person who is backstabbing. To me, someone who slams a person behind his back is hypocritical or two-faced.
A person in a habit of backstabbing will put on a smile and say nice things to people but, behind their backs, he would act in a completely different way. To me that's not fair play.
But aside from being a mean-spirited and unfair thing to do, backstabbing creates other problems as well. It causes stress, anxiety, and other negative feelings.
How does it feel to say nasty, offensive, and negative things about someone else who isn't even there to defend themselves? Obviously, answer is so obvious that it's almost embarrassing to discuss. I know that when I have back stabbed in the past, my words have left me with an uncomfortable feeling. I remember asking myself the question, "How could you stoop so low?" You simply can't win this way.
Finally, it's absolutely predictable that if you back stab someone, you will lose the respect and trust of the people you are sharing with. Remember, most of the people you're sharing with are your friends or colleagues. It's important to realize that, even if they appear to enjoy what you are saying, and even if they too are participating in the gossip, there will always be a part of them that knows that you are capable of backstabbing. They've seen it firsthand. It's inevitable that they will ask themselves the question, "If he will talk behind someone else back, wouldn't he be capable of doing the same thing to me? What's more, they know that the answer is 'YES'.